Learning Innovation | March 15, 2018: Blockchain, AI Chatbots, AT&T, Blackboard…


Blockchain could disrupt employee training by creating a public record of transactions available to everyone but controlled by no one. One idea would be the creation of smart contracts fostering competition for high paying jobs and helping information flow freely between companies and prospective employees.

The University of Newcastle in Australia is using virtual and augmented reality technologies to transform how nursing and midwifery trainees are learning.

An open course for K-12 teachers who want to improve their teaching through valuable data-driven insights has been released by the Curtin University in Australia.

The cost of college has risen at more than twice the rate of inflation for decades; the increasing availability of federal student loans is a principal cause. However, today massive student debt is the norm.

AI-powered chatbot tutors might be included in future textbooks. IBM Watson is running pilot projects. One of its managers showed a sample at SXSW Edu.

AT&T has initiated a massive $1 billion-valued re-training effort after discovering that nearly half of its 250,000 employees lack the necessary skills to keep the company competitive. The most demanded jobs are data scientists, computer analytics, app developers and anything to do with cloud computing.

The microlearning modality has many benefits in terms of knowledge retention, especially in an age dominated by smartphones.

Blackboard, the market leader in the LMS market, is facing a tough transition because of its legacy software. In less than a decade, Canvas LMS has captured about one-fifth of the market in the U.S.

Coursera has announced its first fully online bachelor’s degree, targeting both students who are pursuing their first degree as well as those who already have a Bachelor’s.

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