Hugging Face Releases an Open-Source Chatbot Alternative to OpenAI’s

IBL News | New York

Hugging Face, a leading AI startup valued at $2 billion, launched today an open-source chatbot named HuggingChat.

This chatbot is designed to be an alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and is part of a growing trend of open-source alternatives in the AI industry.

The AI model of HuggingChat was developed by a German nonprofit Open Assistant.

“We want to build the assistant of the future, capable of not only writing emails and cover letters but also performing meaningful work, using APIs, dynamically researching information, and much more, with the ability to be personalized and extended by anyone,” wrote Open Assistant on its GitHub page.

However, this chatbot can easily make mistakes and hallucinates, as shown in the image below, captured during a test at IBL News.

“HuggingChat can derail quickly depending on the questions it’s asked — a fact Hugging Face acknowledges in the fine print,” TechCrunch wrote.

HuggingChat is part of a growing list of open-source alternatives to ChatGPT. Last week, Stability AI released StableLM, a set of models that can generate code and text based on basic instructions.