Google Classroom, One of the World’s Top LMS: 40M Users In Five Years

IBL News | New York

Google Classroom celebrates its fifth anniversary this Fall announcing that it has grown up to 40 million users in 230+ countries.

In addition, it includes over 60 apps and integrations as a result of partnerships with some of the top EdTech companies.

“Five years ago, we learned that although teachers loved using G Suite’s collaborative tools, they found some of the features complicated to use,” said Kara Levy, Engineering Manager at G Suite for Education.“Classroom enabled teachers to easily create, organize and distribute assignments all with the click of a button.”

Last September, Google’s LMS introduced a new feature called “Classwork page”. It means that all classes now have a Classwork page which helps to organize assignments and questions by grouping them into customizable modules and units.

Earlier this year, the giant introduced rubrics, a tool currently in beta that helps students understand how their assignments will be evaluated, while also giving educators a standardized way to grade. This feature works alongside other feedback tools to help teachers personalize instruction.

Other new developments include an anti-plagiarism; the ability to sync grades between a Student Information System (SIS) and Classroom; and Gradebook, which allows teachers to see a holistic view of their students’ grades across assignments.

In summary, Google’s LMS allows teachers to set up classes and add students, create and organize content on the Classwork page, and give feedback with the grading tool. [See the video below]

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