Google Classroom Adds 40 Million Users and Includes New Mobile Features

IBL News | New York

Google Classroom attracted 40 million new users in the last year until reaching 150 million students—the giant of search announced.

“As more teachers use Classroom as their ‘hub’ of learning during the pandemic, many schools are treating it as their learning management system (LMS),” explained in a blog-post Melanie Lazare, Program Manager at Google Classroom.

Later this year, Google Classroom plans to add new features, mostly intended to simplify teacher’s workflow and integration with other tools without extra log-ins.

Another new feature will allow teachers to set up classes in advance with their SIS (Student Information System). Pushing grades into schools’ SIS will also be available later this year.

  • Functionalities intended to provide deeper insights about Classroom adoption and engagement will be added, as well.
  • A new student engagement tracking will allow educators to see which students are engaged and which are falling behind.
  • The Classroom Android app will allow learners to work offline or with intermittent connections. Students will be able to review assignments, open Drive attachments, and write assignments in Google Docs.

More expected features “coming later this year” are the following:

  • Better scan and submission pictures of homework through the Classroom Android app.

  • Improved grading on mobile.
  • Rich text formatting in Classroom’s posts or assignments.
  • Detect plagiarism in reports written in 15 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese,  Finnish, German, Korean and Danish, Malay, and Hindi.