Figma Launched FigJam AI to Improve Meetings

IBL News | New York

Figma launched last month a public beta of FigJam AI, a set of OpenAI-based tools aimed at improving meetings. It summarizes meetings, rewrites notes, and suggests next steps.

It competes with Google, Microsoft, and Zoom — all of them using AI to make meetings more usable.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Figma noticed that its users were congregating and chatting on its platform design pages. That led the company to the 2021 launch of FigJam, a web-based digital whiteboard.

In August, Figma issued an open beta of Jambot, a very popular AI plug-in.

Adobe, which is no longer Figma’s future owner, agreed to pay this company a $1 billion breakup fee after their merger was canceled.