Fast-Moving Open-Source LangChain Became the Trendiest Framework for AI

IBL News | New York

LangChain, the fast-rising, open-source application for LLMs, is the trendiest web framework of 2033 and is moving fast, becoming the trendiest web framework of 2023.

Its primary use case is to build chat-based applications on top of LLMs, especially ChatGPT, and chat over documents.

LangChain started out as a Python tool in October 2022. In February added TypeScript support, and by April 2024, it supported multiple JavaScript environments, including Node.js, browsers, Cloudflare Workers, Vercel/Next.js, Deno, and Supabase Edge Functions.

The creator, Harrison Chase, who was studying at Harvard University, has created his own start-up. Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Scott, classified LangChain as part of the orchestration layer in its “Copilot technology stack” for developers.

Microsoft has its own tool, Semantic Kernel, that does a similar thing to LangChain. It also announced a new tool called Prompt Flow, which Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott said was “another orchestration mechanism that actually unifies LangChain and Semantic Kernel.”