Educause Advises Higher Ed Institutions to Incorporate AI Tools

IBL News | New York

Higher education institutions need to plan for how to leverage AI in a way that improves efficiency and promotes learning, creativity, innovation, and growth, as these tools, which are becoming mainstream, help streamline workflows, address enrollment challenges, generate content, and impact the teaching and learning experience.

This is one of the main findings of EDUCAUSE’s recently released 2023 Teaching and Learning Edition Annual Horizon Report, which advises institutions to plan for AI.

Kathe Pelletier, director of the Educause Teaching and Learning Program, noted: “With the new capabilities in content generation and the operational efficiencies afforded by these technologies, higher education might find AI to be not only an opportunity for more freedom and time to focus on the most important aspects of education but also a potential competitor vying for some of the same core functions and human activities that make up the foundations of higher education.”

In its analysis of trends, technologies, and upcoming practices in higher ed, EDUCAUSE notes that it won’t be a dichotomy between online and face-to-face learning, as learning experiences often incorporate both.