"EdX is the Uber of Education", Says Anant Agarwal

“In many ways, you can think of edX as an Uber for education. Uber are universities and institutional partners who create content in our platform as well as 12 million learners growing rapidly who take that learning”, said Anant Agarwal, Founder and CEO of edX, during the a webinar about disruption in education titled “Micro to Massive: How Enterprises are Using Microlearning & MOOCs to Revolutionize Corporate Training” and hosted by EdCast (watch it below, along with Mr. Agarwal’s presentation slides).

Another interesting new idea Anant Agarwal mentioned is this: “We will launch very soon at edX a professional certificate on soft skills. Soft skills are the new big thing for corporations, with subjects such as teamwork, communications, critical thinking and so on.” (…) “edX is serving as a bridge between the university and the corporate world; there is a huge demand for continuing education. (…) “In that sense, many corporations are using edX for Business“.