EdX Starts Looking for a New Community Leader After the Departure of Joel Barciauskas

The edX organization has announced this week that Joel Barciauskas, Open Source Engineering Manager, will be leaving edX on August 29th.

“As the manager of the Open edX team, Joel has championed many community-centered initiatives and improvements here within edX.  Joel [in the picture] organized the last two Open edX conferences: 2016 at Stanford in Palo Alto, California, and 2017 at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain. His energy and enthusiasm for the Open edX mission has been a huge asset, and we are going to miss him,” explained Ned Batchelder, a veteran edX engineer.

“We are actively looking for someone who will continue Joel’s work, focusing exclusively on making the diverse and ever-growing Open edX community better,”  he added. The job application was posted here.

The reasons for the departure of Joel Barciauskas have not been disclosed.