EdX Cancels Its Annual Partners Conference Scheduled in Hong Kong Due to Safety Concerns

IBL News | New York

The annual edX Global Forum partners conference, that scheduled this year in Hong Kong for November 11-13, was canceled due to “safety concerns related to local circumstances”, organizers say.

The anti-government protests that have rocked Hong Kong for months show no sign of dying down and given this situation edX prioritized the safety of attendants. “We want to keep people safe,” an edX representative said to IBL News.

The edX organization and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), who was the host of the event, mutually made the decision.

The 2019 Global Forum won’t take place in any other place. Instead, the MOOC platform is planning to celebrate a Town Hall-style event with its CEO, Anant Agarwal, along with other virtual events.

Finally, the edX organization announced that the 2020 Global Forum will take place in the Fall at Columbia University in New York City.