edX and 2U CEOs Ensure University Partners Their Commitment on Content and Software

IBL News | New York

Responding to questions raised by university partners on the implications of the 2U’s purchase of edX, CEO Anant Agarwal reassured the contractual terms of the deal and said that “Harvard and MIT will continue offering courses and programs on the edX.org site.”

In a blog post that included FAQs, Mr. Agarwal insisted on the idea that Open edX software — that will power the 2U’s edX.org portal — will remain under the umbrella of MIT and Harvard, ensuring “is continually improved, remains open-source, and powers a vibrant open source community.”

Moreover, he added: “Following the closing, 2U expects to be a significant contributor of code to the Open edX platform, and the transaction is expected to increase the impact that Open edX can have in supporting learning outcomes around the world.”

In a series of tweets and retweets, the CEO of 2U (NASD: TWOU), Chip Paucek confirmed Anant Agarwal’s views: “Anant’s post is so important. This is everything. Our Shared Mission: A Strong Foundation for an Exciting Future.”

Two of Anant Agarwal’s retweeted posts stated:

• “Moving forward, @edXOnline, @2Uinc, and our combined partners will only expand upon our impact, and continue to enable innovation in higher ed as we enter the post-COVID world”

• “I am delighted to share these details about the commitments being made to further the @edXOnline mission. For me, these commitments are the foundation of our entire combination with @2UInc.” 

Several universities that partner with edX or use their open-source software had discussions in the last weeks about the transaction, adopting a hold position until learning more about the significance of 2U buying edX.

“We have contractually committed for five years, and we see no reason why edX and 2U would not still continue these activities beyond five years, as the commitments are so in line with our shared long-term vision and mission,” wrote edX’s CEO.