EdX Adds More Mobile-Friendly Courses for Its Android App While Preparing Its iPhone/iPad Release

Over 40 mobile-friendly courses will be added in the coming weeks to edX.org. This will allow Android users to play them in their smartphones.

Right now only 21 mobile-friendly courses are available on the Android app –downloadable for free at the Google Play store, under the name “edx”.

This Android app is a beta version that works as a companion tool to watch course videos and see announcements and handouts. It does not allow users to take courses entirely on their smartphones. In order to complete readings, homework problems, and exams, the user is redirected to the website. The same applies to forum discussions and the assignments, which must be completed on the computer.

edX is working to make the app available on iPhones, iPads and Android tablets, as well as to make all of the edX courses mobile-friendly, although no release date has yet been provided.