The Open edX Platform Gets Fully Translated Into Spanish


The Open edX platform has been fully translated into Spanish (Spain).

A team of three universities from Spain –Carlos III, Autónoma de Madrid and Politécnica de Valencia, which are members of the edX Consortium– along with the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation (FGSR) and IBL Studios Education, completed the translation in December. In total, 4888 strings were translated.

The project has been conducted through the collaborative platform

The Open edX platform is, so far, 100 percent translated into five languages: Spanish (from Spain), English (from the United States), Arabic, Russian and Lithuanian.

In addition to the translation of the Open edX platform, the three mentioned Spanish universities, FGSR and IBL Studios Education have tackled the translation of most of the website, specially the part regarding the certificates.

Perfectly translated certificates from will foster enrollments from Spanish-speaking students in the U.S., Latin America and Spain.

These three universities will launch several courses in Spanish on February of 2015. The GSR Foundation will also launch an enhanced Open edX platform ( with paid and open courses, intended for professionals focused on reading and literacy. This platform has been developed by IBL.

The GSR Foundation is a recognized non profit organization devoted to reading promotion as well as the Spanish language.