, a New Subscription-Based Learning Platform for Tech Professionals

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[UPDATE May 7, 2020: Partners with Global Knowledge]

A team of U.S. industry professionals in education and business technology led by Kevin Pawsey, Global CIO at Global Knowledge and Chief Executive Officer at Develop, launched today, a career-boosting, subscription-based learning platform.

“Develop provides high-quality courses across emerging and business-critical technologies, including cybersecurity, AI, and machine learning, at prices accessible to more people than ever before,” explained Kevin Pawsey.

The Boston-based platform offers two subscription levels: Foundation ($99.99 /year) and Academy ($399.99 /year). New subscribers will have a free 30-day Foundation-level trial access until May 22, 2020.

The Foundation-level subscription offer includes 200+ courses, intended to gain basic knowledge and skills. Subjects covered are the following: Technology BasicsSoftware DevelopmentDevOps, Cybersecurity, Project ManagementCloud Technology, Networking & Telecom, and Leadership & Management.

The Academy-level subscription includes Academies dedicated to a specific topic technology area and intended to gain advanced expertise, knowledge, and hands-on skills practice. At launch, Develop is offering The Data Academy, which includes 73 courses, covering Data Extraction, Analysis & Visualization, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

The company plans to create additional Academies focused on Cybersecurity, Cloud technologies, and Software Development. comes with three introductory courses for free: What is Agile?, Introduction to Cybersecurity, and Introduction to Python.

Press ReleaseDevelop Launches an Online Learning Platform for Today’s Technology and Business Professionals

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