Degreed Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary, Claiming to Be the First LXP

IBL News | New York announced yesterday its 10th anniversary, through a PR-driven press release claiming to be “the world’s first Learning Experience Platform (LXP), a new category of SaaS technology developed by David Blake and Eric Sharp as part of their mission to revolutionize the way people learn and track their learning.”

The Pleasanton, California – based start-up said that “with its platform, employees gain knowledge and turn it into skills.”

“Degreed set out in 2012 to ‘jailbreak the degree’ or to break the perception of the college degree being the de facto way of measuring education and skill; we believe people should be lifelong learners,” added David Blake, co-founder and Chair of the Board at Degreed.

“People are learning all the time, whether you’re watching a YouTube video, or reading a blog, or listening to a podcast. And there hasn’t been a good way to evidence that knowledge. Degreed gives us an opportunity to do that,” stated ATB Financial Vice President Banking Operations, Paul Norris.

Degreed claims to serve eight million users and 400 corporate customers. “There have been more than 17 million skill ratings made through the platform.”

Degreed’s partnerships include Skillsoft, Pluralsight, and Harvard University, as well as new relationships with Anders Pink, Cybrary, Ethena, DataCamp, Learn In, TED@Work, and The Ken Blanchard Companies.

Partnerships with Credspark, Credly, and Watershed provide assessments, recognition, and data visualization in the Degreed LXP. The recent alliance with Filtered improves the personalized delivery and curation of learning content to Degreed.

Degreed Intelligence, launched in November 2021, helps understand skills demand, and supply, using pre-built tools to remove the need for a dedicated data insights team.