Coursera Signs Up New Deals to Train Employees in Latin America Through its Self-Serve Platform

IBL News | New York

Coursera announced yesterday three new partnership deals in Latin America. It also reported that over 40 businesses have hired its self-serve platform, Coursera for Business, in Colombia and Mexico.

  • Coursera Business will train 2,200 university professors and engineering students in AI skills, after its agreement with the Colombia Ministry of Information and Technology Communication.
  • Insurance company BNP Paribas Cardiff, in Colombia, will offer to its customers Coursera courses on data science, business or IT skills, in addition to career resources like job-boards and resume counsel.
  • Qualfon, a Mexican business outsourcing company, is providing Coursera’s online classes in leadership, computer science, and business to its 14,000 employees. “6,000 employees have benefited from the program so far, with 94 percent having applied their newly acquired skills to their personal and professional life,” Qualfon claimed.

Recently, Universidad de Los Andes announced plans to develop a master’s degree in software engineering on Coursera.

“Colombia and Mexico have incredible potential to become innovation drivers for the region but have economic challenges to overcome,” Leah Belsky SVP of Enterprise at Coursera, stated. “The steep unemployment rate in Colombia makes it challenging for individuals to find stable jobs and for companies to acquire sufficient talent; Mexico similarly faces rising unemployment, while also challenged by automation, with more than half of jobs are at risk.”