Coursera for Governments: Colombia Will Fund Scholarships for 25,000 Learners

IBL News | New York

The Coursera for Governments division is getting a good record on convincing countries to provide funded-scholarships to train their officers and country populations on

A clear example is the Colombian Government, which will soon offer free access to the Coursera platform for 25,000 employees, encouraging them to acquire in-demand technical skills.

Learners will begin, in early 2020, with five mandatory courses related to AI or digital transformation, including the popular AI for Everyone course from Andrew Ng, which is also available in Spanish.

Students who complete these courses will gain unlimited access to Coursera’s course catalog, featuring 3,800 courses from 200 of the world’s top university and industry partners.

“The Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC) is modeling the institutional investment needed for workforce reskilling and upskilling, and Coursera is the best partner,” said Mario Chamorro, Head of Latin America, Enterprise at Coursera.

Coursera currently offers more than 400 courses in Spanish. Earlier this year, Coursera announced its first fully-Spanish degree in software engineering in partnership with Universidad de los Andes.

Coursera already has more than 1.1 million learners in Colombia.

Launched in 2017, Coursera for Governments and Organizations trains government employees and citizens across the United States, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Australia, France, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and others.