Coursera Extends Its Annual Subscription Plan Worldwide

IBL News | New York extended worldwide its annual access plan to 3,000+ courses.

This subscription plan, called Coursera Plus, comes at a price of $399 per year, and it includes over 90% of the course catalog, according to the announcement made by the learning company. The offer is similar to the one offered to corporations when they buy access for employees.

“You can master a specific skill in a Specialization, get job-ready for an in-demand career with a Professional Certificate, or quickly learn a new industry tool in a Guided Project,” wrote Anubhav Chopra, Lead Product Manager at Coursera.

The Mountain View, California-based startup firm states that “Coursera Plus learners have a 35% higher completion rate and they triple the amount of time they’re active in their courses.”

The fact that learners don’t need to rush to finish courses in one month to try to save money is mentioned in the one-time annual payment as one of the success factors.

In its promotional announcement, Coursera highlights the following courses to attract more clients:

Data Science

Computer Science & IT


Personal Development

Arts and Humanities