Coursera Creates an Assessment Tool to Recommend Content and Develop Skills Faster

IBL News | New York

Coursera (NYSE: COUR) unveiled yesterday a new skills assessment tool, named LevelSets, intended to help learners to enroll in recommended, targeted courses and develop skills faster. It is currently available to companies, universities, and governments that have implemented Data and Analytics SkillSets.

LevelSets is designed as part of Coursera’s enterprise platform to test students’ proficiency in high-demand skills such as data, analytics, cloud computing, machine learning, Python, and SQL, among others.

It includes over twenty skill assessments created using machine learning programs, according to the company.

“LevelSets’ assessments determine where training should begin, and create a clear development path for learners,” said Leah Belsky, Chief Enterprise Officer at Coursera.

As a result of this tool, courses that are too rudimentary, too advanced, or content already mastered are not suggested.

Leah Belsky claimed that “initial data suggest that learners within these companies are 3x more likely to enroll in a recommended course within one day after taking a LevelSet assessment.” It added, “course completion rates have increased 66% among those that have completed assessments.”

Content recommendations include:

The Mountain View, California-based start-up ensured that it has early adopters of LevelSets, such as Fidelity, Ingka IKEA, Pfizer, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Coursera plans to make LevelSets available across its portfolio of over 300 SkillSets early next year.