Berkeley Launches Online For Free Its Foundations of Data Science Program

With more than 1,000 students enrolling every semester since its creation in 2015, Foundations of Data Science, the fastest-growing course in the history of UC Berkeley, has been launched online for free this April on

This course at California’s flagship public university , titled Data 8X: Foundations of Data Science, will cover everything from testing hypotheses, applying statistical interferences, visualizing distributions and drawing conclusions, all while coding in Python and using real-world data sets.

It will be a sequence of three five-week courses taught by three winners of Berkeley’s top teaching honor: the Distinguished Teaching Award: DeNero, statistics professor Ani Adhikari and computer science professor David Wagner. “Our goal is to bring data science to the widest possible audience,” said Adhikari.


Berkeley said that each course takes 5 to 6 weeks, with an investment of 4 to 6 hours per week, per course. Learners who want to earn the certificate will need to pay only $357 for the entire program.