– An Open-Source Badge Server, Operable With Open edX

badgeoneBadgeOne is the first free, fully open-source, OBI-compliant, multi-language open-badges server. Available in Github since mid-June for any site administrator to download and install, this badge server is operable with Open edX and LMS platforms. It is written in PHP and requires only an Apache server and standard web technologies.

The BadgeOne server was developed by IBL Studios, with GW Professor Lorena A. Barba in an advisory role, and with financial and technical support from edX.

Along with the badge server, IBL and edX have developed an XBlock that allows connecting securely an Open edX platform with the badge server. Other badge providers will be supported in the future. The XBlock—to be released soon—was thoroughly revised and extended from a prototype written for Prof. Barba’s Fall 2014 MOOC.

This badging project has its origins in the first integration of open badges in the Open edX platform, in November 2014.

[Update: Background information to use the BadgetOne’ API ]