Acknowledging Open Source Contributors

The Open edX community portal has started a web page to acknowledge open source contributors of the Open edX platform. Some contributions are significant: large features, major upgrades, high-risk security bugs…

This Hall of Fame of contributors is not complete, and that is why edX encourages people to submit their commits.


Stanford Bulk E-Mail (PR-555)
This allows instructors to send e-mail to themselves, course staff, and students from the instructor dashboard.
Google 3rd Party Auth (PRs-2736, 3450, 3553)
This adds requirements, an auth module, a settings mechanism, and an API for auth providers.
Harvard Mentoring XBlock (PR-2814)
This added the mentoring XBlock to requirements and installed apps.
Stanford Email Content History Viewer (PR-4451)
Previously, instructors could only view task information about e-mails they sent, but now they can view entire e-mails.
MITx Release edX-jsme 1.0 (OSPR-43)
This added the jsme package to edX, which provides the molecular struture problem type for capa.
Stanford Certificate Improvements (Multiple OSPRs)
In a series of approximately 25 pull requests to the certificates repo, the Stanford developers released to the open-source community all of the certificate generation code they currently use.
Queen Rania Foundation Right to Left (WIP)
This is part of an ongoing project between QRF and edX to support Right to Left (RTL) text support.
Harvard Annotation Tools (OSPRs-150, 158)
One part of this changes the color and adds borders to annotated images. The other fixes a bug found when using the “share without saving” option for annotation.
Stanford Supoprt and Tests for Adding a Reset Button to Units (OSPR-146)
This decouples “reset” functionality from “randomization” functionality in capa problems.
Stanford Fixed Continuation Related Pep-8 Issues (OSPR-197)
This changeset resolves 105 PEP8 (python style guide) issues.
Stanford  Limit File Upload Size to GridFS (OSPR-168)
This PR puts a limit on the size of files that course staff can upload to MongoDB.
SchoolYourself SchoolYourself XBlock (OSPR-232)
These XBlocks display iframes and send data back and forth between edX and School Yourself.
Stanford XBlock User Service (OSPR-379)
This implements support in the XBlock SDK for the user XBlock service.
OpenCraft Event Tracking for Forums Events (OSPR-82)
This tracks events for student activity analytics reports.
MIT Staff Graded Assignments XBlock (OSPR-337)
This enables students to upload assignment files, and for instructors to download and grade them.
OpenCraft XBlock Settings Service (OSPR-427)
This allows XBlocks access to Django settings.
(for Harvard)
Mentoring XBlock (OSPRs-401, 419, 422, 427)
This cleans up technical debt while adding new functionality to the Mentoring XBlock.
MIT Custom Courses X (OSPR-351)
This allows for a course (or portions of a course) to be reused with a small groups of students.
Stanford Answer Distributions for First vs Last Problem Attempt (OSPRs-413, 414, 415)
This is an upgrade to answer_dist collection task.
Feedback Fruits (with edX) Creative Commons (OSPR-536)
This allows for custom Creative Commons licensing for course content. To learn more about the significance and use of Creative Commons licensing, read the feature report.