Amnesty International Partners With EDX to Launch Its First MOOC Later This Summer

Amnesty International will offer a series of MOOCs about human rights education on, starting in Fall 2015. The first course, “Reclaiming Freedoms through human rights”, will be followed by others over the next several years.

“From the seasoned activist who wants to learn more about human rights, to the technology entrepreneur whose interest has been piqued by the surveillance and privacy debate, these new courses will have something for everyone,” explained edX and Amnesty International.

The goal of the two organizations is to establish the largest online platform for human rights education globally, starting with more than 4 million learners from every country registered on “Our global platform will be an ideal place for the organization to amplify its message of justice for all,” edX said.

In order to develop a course relevant to learners, Amnesty International –who has become edX’s newest member– has set up a survey to determine what kind of course would be of value to users.

[Press Release: Top human rights experts to offer cutting-edge education course with ‘something for everyone’]