AWS Announced Autonomous AI Agents that Add Key Functionality to Foundation Models

IBL News | New York

Amazon’s AWS cloud provider is showing this month to large customers its service Agents for the Amazon Bedrock foundation model, which lets businesses create chatbots that execute tasks and give more personalized answers drawing from their proprietary data.

For example, an airline can build a virtual agent that books a flight for a traveler, for instance, based on a customer’s price, destination, and seating requests.

Another example takes place in the healthcare industry: software vendors can build apps that transcribe and analyze clinical notes after a patient visit. This service is offered now under the name of AWS HeathScribe.

“Our mission is to make every company an AI company,” said AWS’ Vice President Swami Sivasubramanian during a large AWS event in Manhattan last month.

Amazon Bedrock is the company’s answer to services announced by Google’s and Microsoft’s cloud AI offering.

Amazon Bedrock’s API service allows developers to build applications without the need to manage AI infrastructure at all. Because they run on an AWS-managed infrastructure, the models can be scaled on services like EC2 and Lambda and provide low-latency endpoints to enable real-time integration into workflows.

The two Amazon Bedrock Titan foundation models, Titan Text and Titan Embeddings are pre-trained on large datasets.

According to Amazon, thousands of customers are now using Amazon Bedrock for various generative AI applications, such as self-service, customer care, text creation, and post-call analysis.