NASA and IBM Teamed Up to Build an AI, Open Source Model for Earth Observations

IBL News | New York

NASA, IBM, and Hugging Face teamed up to create an AI open-source geospatial foundation model for earth observations.

The project will serve as the basis for innovations in addressing critical environmental challenges since the tool can track deforestation, predict crop yields, and rack greenhouse gas emissions.

It uses large-scale satellite and remote sensing data, including the Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 (HLS) data, and is accessible to open science users, startups, and enterprises on multi-cloud AI platforms like Watsonx.

“By combining IBM’s foundation model efforts aimed at creating flexible, reusable AI systems with NASA’s repository of Earth-satellite data, and making it available on the leading open-source AI platform, Hugging Face, we can leverage the power of collaboration to implement faster and more impactful solutions that will improve our planet,” Sriram Raghavan, VP of IBM Research AI, said in a press release.

NASA estimates that its Earth science missions will generate around a quarter million terabytes of data in 2024 alone.