ChatGPT Will Feature Prompt Examples and Suggest Replies to Users

IBL News | New York

OpenAI plans to roll out a bunch of updates on ChatGPT this week.

The chatbot will feature prompt examples at the beginning of a new conversation and will suggest replies to continue the engagement.

For paid users in the Plus category, ChatGPT will remember the GPT-4 selected model without defaulting back to GPT-3.5.

Also. for users in the same Plus category, the new Code Interpreter feature will be available, resulting in ChatGPT analyzing data and generating insights across multiple files.

Finally, OpenAI has implemented keyboard shortcuts: ⌘ (Ctrl) + Shift + C to copy code block and ⌘ (Ctrl) + / to see the complete list.

On the other hand, OpenAI has launched a web crawler called GPTBot to improve its AI models.

Users have the possibility to prevent GPTBot from accessing their website’s content and/or allowing certain pages and disallowing others, as explained, as explained on an OpenAI blog post.

Update August 10, 2023: OpenAI announced that it’s expanding Custom instructions to all users, including those on the free tier of the service.

These custom instructions allow users to add various preferences and requirements that they want the AI chatbot to consider when responding, so they don’t have to rewrite the same instruction prompts every time they interact with the chatbot.

For example, a teacher using ChatGPT to create a lesson plan would no longer have to constantly repeat that they teach 3rd grade to receive an appropriately customized response.