Key Research on Data Analytics Shows How AI/ML Will Shape the University of the Future 

IBL News | New York

AI and Machine Learning Technologies will make a huge impact on the university business. Specifically, “man-machine interfaces will shape the university of the future, in areas such as academic, administrative, student, and support services.”

This was the main conclusion of a revealing talk by Patsy Moskal (University of Central Florida), Charles Dziuban (University of Central Florida), and Anthony G. Picciano (Hunter College and Graduate Center, City University of New York), which took place in Orlando, Florida, during the 2023 OLC Accelerate conference, last week.

The three presenters [in the picture above] conducted extensive research on data analytics as used in adaptive learning environments and were empowered by emerging data analysis techniques. The substance of this session will be published in Data Analytics and Adaptive Learning: Research Perspectives (Routledge/Taylor & Francis) in early 2023.

Patsy Moskal, Charles Dziuban, and Anthony G. Picciano have published together thirty books and more than 250 articles on these topics.

“AI is impacting everything we are doing at university; the Future University will be deeply impacted by this technology,” said Dr. Anthony Picciano, professor of Education Leadership at Hunter College and Co-Founder of CUNY Online.




“As data analytics and adaptive learning infused by artificial intelligence develops and matures, the future of education will be shaped,” added Picciano.

Watch the video of the talk