Amazing Open edX Numbers: 3,700+ Courses, 250+ Educational Sites, 5.5M Learners

open edx community
The Open edX community has registered an increase of 77 % since October 2015 in the number of sites and 105 % in courses. Today there are more than 3,700 courses250 public sites and 5.5 million of learners, as Joel Barciauskas, Open edX community manager, revealed during the edX conference.

With the 8 million students on, the total number of learners using the Open edX technology accounts for 13.5 million worldwide.

“We are just getting started. We are seeing a world-wide accelerating adoption of the platform, a wider variety of organizations showing interest, and an ever larger scale problems being solved”,  Mark Haseltine, CTO at edX, stated during the 2016 Open edX Conference at Stanford.

“The Open edX platform goal is to be the standard for scalable delivery of educational content in order to foster education efforts worldwide, allow a broad array of organizations to participate, relieve burden of platform development on content providers, promote interoperability of courseware and encourage reuse of proven course models”, Mr. Haseltine added.

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