The Open edX Platform Aims for a New Architecture


EdX has established a plan to reduce the complexity of the edX-platform codebase, while focusing on extensibility and interoperability.

The new Chief Architect of edX, Eddie Fagin, who will execute this transformation, removed the old architecture diagram (below) and presented a new one (above). (Watch his talk below).


Along with it, notable technology updates are coming soon. The new “Eucalyptus” version, scheduled for July, will include new features such as:

  • New course home and navigation
  • Bookmarks
  • Teams
  • Student Notes
  • Video Closed Captions
  • Self-Paced Course Pacing

Additionally, the new iOS and Android mobile apps will continue to evolve from being a video companion app into a much more sophisticated setup, including learner profiles, discussion forums, native course discovery and push notifications, according to Marco Morales, Product Manager at edX.