EdX Starts to Implement Cloud-Based Proctored Exams to Prevent Cheating

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A new proctoring SaaS solution developed by a Newton, Mass, startup, Software Secure, has become part of the Open edX platform.

This technology to prevent cheating on remote exams has been implemented by MIT’s micro-masters program as well as the Global Freshman Academy (GFA) project. Consequently, a few students have been caught cheating on the GFA program, as Anant Agarwal, CEO at edX, revealed during the Open edX conference.

Software Secure started as an edX partner in 2013 through the verified certificate program, intended to ensure the identity of each student.

In addition to a proctoring solution, Mr. Agarwal defended the idea of using cohorts with different, timed and hand-graded exams as well as randomized questions for certificated learners who want to take for-credit courses, as shown in the slide above.