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YouTube Will Invest $20M on Educational Content, and Will Partner with Portals, including edX.org

Along with GoodwillYear Up, the French platform OpenClassroom and other portals, edX.org is partnering with YouTube on its new $20 million funded Learning initiative, designed to improve its educational content.Part of this project is a new Learning Fund, intended to support creators who make learning content and cover topics from careers skills, interviewing and resume building to computer science. [Form to apply here.]

On its official blog, YouTube explained that it has already completed its “first round of investment in some of the most respected names in online education like TED-Ed or Hank and John Green’s Crash Course.” “We’re also supporting many of our emerging EduTubers like Socratica and Linda Raynier.” 

“In addition to investing in EduTubers through the Learning Fund, we’re also developing new YouTube Originals focused on learning like Mind Field: Season 3 from Vsauce creator Michael Stevens, and a new series with Vox Entertainment which was announced earlier this month.”

“We know it’s important to make quality learning content easier to find on YouTube, so we’re launching a new channel called Learning, where major partners like Goodwill and Year Up are contributing curated playlists highlighting videos that teach career skills. The channel will make it easy for users to find tutorials, DIY videos, explainers, and skill-based playlists.”

Additionally, YouTube plans to invest in these projects in 2019:

  • Providing more resources to aspiring EduTubers like our Creator Academy course for educational channels, and our new Learning Best Practices.
  • Hosting a NextUp creator camp specifically for emerging EduTubers.
  • Working to connect EduTubers with brand partners through FameBit.