Six ways to promote online courses

When it comes to promoting online courses and learning activities, there are many ways we use while working with our clients. Let us share some of them:

  1. Blogs and social media sites. We update them 2 or 3 times a week with engaging, useful and informative content.
  2. Short, free courses –and/or MOOCs– production. Giving things for free builds more engagement with existing and potential customers, and it allows to generate new leads and grow our community.
  3. eBooks. We publish a new one every month. They contain 10 – 20 pages and they have very clear and useful information. Ebooks have become very useful lead generators. eBooks as well as courses can be created by opinion leaders; they can become our best advocates.
  4. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly informative newsletters. We share info about customers’ content, industry news and leaders, interviews.
  5. Forums. We start discussions, come up with new ideas, and get feedback and ideas just by listening to people.
  6. Testimonials and customer stories. We post positive examples of people who enjoyed our courses.