MOOCs are a radical learning and marketing tool – Check out UNAV's case

Academic institutions must leverage the best technological advancements in order to attract students and maximize learning.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) –that feature a series of short, video segments in which instructors describe a particular concept or skill, and then give exercises, quizzes and exams– is a radical learning and marketing tool, that requires little start up cost.

In our view, it offers universities with a unique chance to promote their services while engaging non-traditional students. Check out these series of MOOCs we filmed for the University of Navarre (UNAV), in Spain. Naturally, one can enroll in them for free.

Intensive coursework is a great way to educate the general population and get free advertising.

Users recognize and appreciate the efforts of MOOCs at universities, and promote them to friends and family through social media sites and emailing. This word of mouth promotion systems benefits all.