Video Becomes the Preferred Teaching Method, States a Research

IBL News | New York

Education professionals agree that video is essential to students’ academic experience. Moreover, video has become the preferred teaching method since it engages more than text-based content and increases students’ satisfaction and performance.

This is the main finding of a global survey done by video platform provider Kaltura across several countries, including the U.S., UK, and Germany.

The research, titled The State of Video in Education 2022 highlights that the pandemic was a major accelerator for online and hybrid modalities. “It’s been a paradigm shift for educators,” says the research. A total of 94% of these new-to-online educators say that they will continue to use a hybrid learning model even after in-person classes resume.

Respondents of the survey say they feel comfortable using video technology. In fact, they would like to see their institution use more video. “Video has clearly become intuitive and easy to use for most educators.”

The majority of respondents reported using video to support course delivery. Among the top uses of video are:

  • Synchronous remote teaching and learning
  • Supplementary course material
  • Lecture capture
  • Completely asynchronous courses with on-demand video and/or recorded video messages
  • Student assignments
  • Virtual office hours
  • Personal introductions of teachers and/or students
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Student assessment

Uses of video outside the classroom include:

  • Internal staff/instructor training
  • Recorded campus events
  • Live campus events
  • Internal staff communication
  • External marketing
  • Library media collections