UC3M Spanish University Shows its Open edX Developments


Paco Cruz, lead engineer for edX and Open edX at UC3M –the Spanish university that will organize the 2017 Open edX Conference– showed during Spain’s 2016 Open edX Meetup all of the developments his organization is delivering in terms of XBlocks, learning analytics and gamification.

  • XBlock to rate videos and add comments (available on Github)
  • Regarding analytics, UC3M is using Elastic and Analyse (internally developed software)
  • Additional developments on the iOS app in Spanish and a coming-soon app for flipped classrooms (Flip App)
  • “Quiz video” XBlock to insert questions inside videos using the “Paella Interactive Video Player”
  • Private video stream XBlock for Wowza
  • Full interoperability between its Moodle and Open edX platforms, which is used for SPOCs (Small Private Online Course) at spoc.uc3m.es

UC3M is one of the most active non-US universities both in course creation and developments. It has attracted 280K enrollments through 12 courses on edX, and is now preparing another 5 courses. Additionally, it has launched 10 SPOCs and is creating 7 more.

See the video above –captions are available in English– as well as main conclusions from this university regarding the future of learning.