'Courses Need to Be Re-Engineered for the Digital Environment'

Beyond the traditional instructional designers, a new speciality is emerging: learning engineering. Courses need to be re-engineered to create online and blended experiences and improve learning outcomes.

This was one of the conclusions of the recent 2016 LINC Conference at MIT from Sanjay Sarma, vice president of open learning at MIT:

“Understanding how people learn is critical to understanding how — and when — to apply digital technologies for education. This is where “learning engineers” come in, designing new approaches to the practice of learning. Online education is not as simple as posting coursework on the internet; courses need to be re-engineered for the digital environment. By taking advantage of the available technologies, educators can create a blended learning experience, enhance the curriculum and, ultimately, improve outcomes for students.”

MIT News: LINC Conference addresses the changing face of education