Top 10 Features Released to Open edX in the Last Year


These are Open edX’s Top 10 features released in the last year, according to Beth Porter, Vice President of Product at edX.


  • Teams & Profiles
    Enable learners to discover and participate in small group collaboration with others in a larger course.
  • Notes
    Allow learners to annotate in courses for easy reference and retention.
  • Bookmarks
    Allow learners to easily refer back to content that is interesting and relevant to their learning.
  • Cohorts
    Instructors can create cohorts of similar people to target content and discussions.
  • Android & iPhone apps
    View course video (and soon text and assessments) from native mobile apps.
  • Content Libraries & Randomized Content Blocks
    Display problems out of a library randomly to learners to discourage cheating.
  • Insights Video Analytics
    View per-video learner data to help course teams understand how students are learning.
  • Third-party Auth
    Enable register & sign in with Facebook, Google and/or on-campus systems to reach more learners.
  • LTI tool provider
    Embed edX course content into campus LMSs or other LTI-compatible systems for efficient content reuse and grade transfer.
  • Hinting & Feedback 
    Provide enhanced feedback to learners when attempting assessments.

Watch on top the video presentation recorded at the Open edX 2015 Conference.

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