One Billion Students in 10 Years and Other Data from the Open edX 2015 Conference

What is the impact of edX? See the slide above captured during the Open edX Conference, celebrated last week at Wellesley College.

Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX –a 140 people non-profit organization growing by 20 percent each year– opened the event by highlighting edX’s goal of reaching one billion students in the next 10 years, as well as other objectives such as improving on-campus education and advancing research in online learning. [Watch the whole talk below].

In terms of Open edX, there are 146 sites in multiple languages and 1840 courses. One of the latest ones is the Russian National Online Platform, with 50 courses.

Innovation on the platform is also remarkable. Top organizations have contributed with valuable software. This information came out of the conference:

  • Stanford University: Adaptive hinting, eCommerce, OLI integration
  • Google: Single-Sign-On, Instant Hangouts
  • Berkeley: Forums 2.0
  • MIT: Equations, many types of problems, SPOC/CCX, SGA XBlock
  • Harvard: Annotation, edX – Canvas – BlackBoard integration
  • Tsinghua: International support
  • Edraak: Right-to-left
  • University of Queensland: LTI
  • McKinsey Academy: Polling XBlock

In addition, the community has contributed over 50 XBlocks and software expansions.