The edX Consortium Responds to Stanford University About Open edX

The edX Consortium has taken into consideration Stanford Universitys recommendations regarding how to properly run the Open edX community and the platform, and has committed to implement many of those ideas on the 2014-2015 road map.

Beth Porter, VP of Product at edX, has announced this week that the edX product development team will perform these tasks by the end of 2014.


    1. Create public bug list and active backlog


    1. Create and update a public road map on a quarterly basis


    1. Develop named releases and publish them on a quarterly basis


    1. Publish our API and make the interfaces public  [this API will provide another avenue for integration]


    1. Designate full-time community manager


    1. Clarify and welcome dialog about the Open edX mission


    1. Define KPIs for the success of Open edX (including phone home feature with opt-out)


    1. Sponsor Open edX conference (Nov 19, 2014)


    1. Publish our XML format (edXML)


    1. Launch a Platform Adopter Web site (+Developer area)


Beyond its own developments, edX Consortium makes a call for external code contributions and indicates the features that would become part of the supported Open edX platform:


    1. Support site styling (subset of theming)


    1. Support Open Stack


    1. Support LTI 2.0


    1. Support OLI courses on edX


    1. Support Mozilla Open Badges integration


    1. Support Shibboleth integration [no community partner]


Finally, edX acknowledges that there are “features that we don’t anticipate having the capacity or interest in developing in the near term.” These items are:

    • Full installation scripts and supporting documentation for non-AWS deployments


    • Full SIS, LMS, and other campus system integration projects


    • Investment in on-call or full service support engineering team for adopters and developers