The CourseTalk Widget and Other Improvements Added to the Open edX Platform

Coursetalk edxEdX engineering team has recently added new features to the Open edX platform such an updated ORA assignments functionality, Checkout page (as part of the E-commerce package), optional fields on the About page and search capability.

Another interesting new feature on the latest version of the Open edX platform is the CourseTalk widget, which is used to post ratings and reviews on the course’s About page.

The JavaScript Underscore.js library has been brought up to date: edX now uses version 1.8.3.

The documentation team has reorganized the Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform guide and some sections of the Open edX Developer’s Guide, including a dedicated “edX Front End Development” wiki space for all of front end plans, designs and best practices.

This team has also added the glossary from the Building and Running an edX Course guide to the Building and Running an Open edX Course guide.