A Successful Open edX Meetup in New York

The fourth Open edX Meetup in New York, titled “Engaging Content, Successful Marketing”, has been rated with five stars on meetup.com. The event, which was sold out and had 40+ waitlisted, was praised by attendants. “Excellent meet up – great format and very informative,” said Mukesh.

Presenters from Columbia University, Knewton, Fordham University, McKinsey and Free Learning Channel X shared their insights through 10-minute talks and a final round table.

– Michael Cennamo, Columbia University

Kristen Weeks, Knewton

William Fenton, Fordham University

Christina Powers, McKinsey Academy

Derrick Lewis, Free Learning Channel X

Watch the video above. Presentations and more elaborated videos of the talks will be posted throughout the coming weeks in an edX-format course.

> Pictures of the event.

> Past third meetup’s talks on iblcampus and download them through our app.