Stack Overflow Launches Its Own Into Generative AI Solution

IBL News | New York

Yesterday, the community-based question-and-answer website Stack Overflow announced an extensive list of generative AI capabilities on both the public site and its enterprise offering.

“We are giving the ability for users to ask conversational questions through OverflowAI, and the generative answers are going to come straight from the 58 million questions and answers from public Stack Overflow, with citations to the very specific sources,” said Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar.

OverflowAI brings a set of features to the platform not to replace the community, but rather to complement it in a number of ways.

The OverflowAI model enables natural language processing (NLP)-based queries, intended to yield highly accurate generated results. The model was trained on the corpus of the Stack Overflow public knowledge base.

The company ensured that community-directed responses will remain core to the platform.

Github Copilot’s AI technology has captured the attention of the code development community in recent months, and critics say that OverflowAI will have a hard time competing with this new service.