Skills Management EdTech Company Territorium Partnered with Non-Profit Credential Engine

IBL News | New York

EdTech Territorium, with 9 million users, announced this week a partnership with non-profit Credential Engine to expand its business based on providing students lifelong records of achievement regarding competencies and skills.

Through this partnership, students on Territorium will be able to cross-reference their skills with Credential Engine’s free and open data standards.

Privately-held Territorium, founded by Mexican entrepreneur Guillermo Elizondo, seeks to help users eliminate their competencies and skills gaps towards desired jobs. “The disconnect between what students need to learn, what they know upon graduation, and what employers are looking for in candidates has gone on for too long,” he said.

According to the company, two of the products of this U.S. start-up, TerritoriumCLR (Comprehensive Learner Record) and TerritoriumSDW (Skills Digital Wallet), are “designed to increase gainful employment, employer interest, job offers, and improve the way students showcase their capabilities.”

The partnership Territorium – Credential Engine was presented during the IMS Digital Credentials Summit, in Atlanta, GA, this week by Kiko Suarez, VP of Higher Education & Workforce Development at Territorium. He highlighted the importance for K-12 and Higher Ed of increasing their connectivity in the entire ecosystem, including the labor market. He also depicted ways a student can use its digital wallets and corresponding CLR data to select courses, programs, and industry certifications and map courses to actual job opportunities.

Last year, Territorium close a deal with ETS to exclusively license content of the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite, a tool for colleges and universities to measure student learning outcomes.