Pennsylvania Will Allow State Agencies to Use Generative AI

IBL News | New York

Pennsylvania will be the first state to deploy ChatGPT for a small number of governments to create and edit copy, update policy language, draft job descriptions, and generate code.

After an initial trial period, Pennsylvania’s Governor Shapiro’s office said that ChatGPT will be used more broadly by other parts of the state government.

However, no citizens will interact with ChatGPT directly as part of this pilot program.

The pilot is seen as a test run for other state governments.

One major consideration in this trial is ChatGPT’s tendency to hallucinate when handling sensitive government policies.

“Generative AI is here and impacting our daily lives already – and my Administration is taking a proactive approach to harness the power of its benefits while mitigating its potential risks,” said Governor Shapiro [in the picture] in a press release.

“Our collaboration with Governor Shapiro and the Pennsylvania team will provide valuable insights into how AI tools can responsibly enhance state services,” said Open AI CEO Sam Altman in the same press release.

Governor Shapiro signed an executive order in September to allow state agencies to use generative AI in their work. The state is home to Carnegie Mellon, whose researchers have paved the way for AI research.