Google Announced AI-Powered Features for Classroom Management

IBL News | New York

Google announced AI-powered features for classroom management, questions, and lesson plan creation, as well as other functionalities.

Teachers will be able to add AI-suggested questions to YouTube videos as part of their Classroom assignment.

The Practice sets feature, which uses AI to create answers and general hints, is now available in over 50 languages. Plus, educators can turn a Google Form into a practice set.

Additionally, Google is introducing a new Resources tab to manage practice sets and interactive questions asked during a video.

Google’s generative AI tool for Google Workspace, Duet AI, can assist teachers in coming up with a lesson plan.


Teachers will be able to use the speaker spotlight feature in Slides to create a lesson with narration along with the slide deck.

The company is updating Classroom analytics so educators can look at stats like assignment completion and trends for grades.

Google is adding the ability to get text from PDFs for screen readers on ChromeOS.