OpenAI Fires Back at The New York Times’ Copyright Lawsuit: “The NYT Manipulated Its Models”

IBL News | New York

OpenAI responded in a blog post yesterday to The New York Times about its legal action, saying that the paper “manipulated” its models, “is not telling the full story”, and its lawsuit is “without merit.”

• “Training is fair use, but we provide an opt-out because it’s the right thing to do,” OpenAI said.

• “The principle that training AI models is permitted as fair use is supported by a wide range of academics, library associations, civil society groups, startups, leading US companies, creators, authors, and others that recently submitted comments to the US Copyright Office.”

• “We have led the AI industry in providing a simple opt-out process for publishers (which The New York Times adopted in August 2023) to prevent our tools from accessing their sites.”

• “The New York Times is not telling the full story. Our discussions with them appeared to be progressing constructively through our last communication on December 19. (…) Their lawsuit on December 27 came as a surprise and disappointment to us.”

• “It seems The New York Times intentionally manipulated prompts, often including lengthy excerpts of articles, in order to get our model to regurgitate.”

• “We regard The New York Times’ lawsuit to be without merit.”