AI-powered TV Anchors Rapidly Spread in Asia

IBL News | New York

AI-powered TV anchors are rapidly spreading in Asia. One of the most popular is Lisa, the Indian broadcaster Odisha TV’s anchor [in the picture above].

This robot delivers news bulletins, horoscopes, and weather and sports updates.

Also, Delhi-based India Today Group features Sana, an AI agent that presents news and the weather in English, Hindi, and Bangla, and co-anchors programs with other journalists in 75 languages.

In the southern state of Karnataka, Power TV is using Soundarya, who introduced herself as a “robot anchor.”

This growing tribe of AI anchors also collects and analyzes data, converting it into usable and actionable information.

Production managers say they save costs, allow channels to deliver news in a country with 22 official languages, and crunch vast amounts of data at phenomenal speed.

Critics say the technology is undermining media credibility as they deliver news with a non-human monotonous voice and no hand gestures.

China, Malaysia, and Taiwan broadcasters also use virtual presenters.