Open edX's Dogwood Version Released Today


The Open edX Dogwood version was officially released today, on February 11, 2016.

This fourth Open edX release presents new features such as:

  • Partial Credit
  • Open edX Analytics Developer Stack
  • Initial Version of Comprehensive Theming
  • Additional File Types for Open Response Assessments
  • Timed Exams
  • LTI XBlock
  • Otto Ecommerce Service

Detailed information about Dogwood is included in the Open edX Release Notes site. To get this release, visit Dogwood Installation Instructions.

Upgrading from the existing Cypress version into Dogwood is a challenging task. Officially, edX says the following about it:

“In order to keep up with the latest security updates and patches, as well as enabling developers to benefit from new features, we have upgraded Django from 1.4 to 1.8.7 and our Python version to Python 2.7.10. If you are currently running Cypress, upgrading to Dogwood will be a more involved process. If you’re having trouble, read the Installation Guide and try the edx-code or openedx-ops archives.”

Additionally, Ned Batchelder, a leading Open edX engineer said:

“Everyone, please note that upgrading from Cypress to Dogwood is *complicated*.  You need to read the instructions: .  One of the reasons it took a while to finalize Dogwood was the complexity of the upgrade script.  Use with care :).”

IBL engineers’ advice is to avoid the risk of running that upgrading script (since it might break the whole installation) and simply build a new instance manually, migrating all of the data.

The next Open edX release, named Eucalyptus, is scheduled for mid-2016.