Models to Partner with edX Inc.

edX Inc, the venture created by MIT and Harvard University, has reached 46 charter members and 48 partner members as of today.

When partnering with edX, there are two maintenance models for a university or corporate partner, according to the Perpetual Learning Open edX consultancy.

MODEL 1: Self-Service

  • Partner uses edX as a free LMS for a course with a revenue sharing agreement.
  • The courses are created by Partner without course-production assistance from edX.
  • Once the course is live on, edX will collect
    • The first $50,000 generated by the course, or
    • $10,000 for each recurring course
  • edX and Partner will evenly split all revenues beyond that threshold.

MODEL 2: edX-Supported

  • edX is a consultant and design partner, offering production assistance to universities for their MOOCs.
  • edX charges a base rate of $250,000 for each new course, plus $50,000 for each time a course is offered for an additional term.
  • Partner gets 70 percent of any revenue generated by the course.

In addition, there is a membership fee for contributing members of $500,000 and an annual maintenance fee of $100,000 or $45,000 starting in the second year of the term.