Open edX's Cypress Release Will Include At Least 21 New Features, From Learner Profiles to Badges

Open edX’s Cypress release has been unexpectedly delayed because of a security vulnerability and problems with the update script, according to David Baumbold, the edX engineer in charge of the launch. “We don’t want to release Cypress in a state where some people would be unable to update their software,” he explained.

So far there is no release date, although the expectation is that it will happen soon, within days, considering that Cypress Release Candidate 3 is being run with positive feedback from the community. In this regard, Mr. Baumbold advised: “when the final Cypress release does come out, upgrading from RC3 to the final version should be pretty easy.”

The Cypress version will contain at least 21 new features:

The whole documentation, for now as a draft, has been posted at this URL:

On the other hand, a couple of patches have been released for the Birch version.